Sunday 8 November 2009

Peer to Peer replication is missing!

When I first started messing around with replication, I looked at a number of the different types, and at the time SQL 2005 had just turned up. It offered a number of replcation types...

Transactional with updateable subscriptions

A great menu for those hungry to replicate, but something else came along aswell, "Peer to Peer replication". Great! at the time this seemed like the correct fit for the project I had in mind. Peer to Peer replication is not obvious to set up and all the tutorials mention that you have to set up 'Transactional' replication and then modify the publication properties (subscription options) to enable 'Allow Peer to Peer subscriptions'. Ok, not a problem, ready for some right click action...lets have a play..I said.

...but for some reason this option to 'Allow Peer to Peer subscriptions' it doesn't appear on my properties dialog...

Then....after much digging I realised that 'Peer to Peer replication' is only available for the Enterprise versions of SQL Server...and my server had 'Standard' installed. Something worth knowing if you are pricing up a setup as the price difference between these two versions is massive. Could leave you with egg on your face when you go back cap in hand to your purchasing department.

1 comment:

  1. Oh. My. Good. Grief.

    Thank you.. I've been pulling my hair out wondering what I'm doing wrong to not see that "peer-to-peer" option. A million walkthroughs & 'Enterprise' is never mentioned.
    Thank you for finally resolving this for me.