Sunday 8 November 2009

What is a 'DBA Developer' in the Microsoft world anyway....?

People like to have a title for what they do and DBA is something that has broad scope. I don't think I'm a DBA at all, but I it seems from what I read on the web, lots of the time I'm doing what a DBA might do..whatever a DBA is!

I think i'm probably a 'DBA Developer'.... but what IS that?

In my opinion a 'DBA Developer' is a .NET developer that along the way has fallen into the role of having to roll up sleeves and step from the world of ADO.NET into the one of T-SQL, and has had to learn the hard way, gradually becoming more and more experienced as the years past and have developed a passion for the way SQL Server works. I mean someone who knows both what a DataView is and also knows what a T-SQL nested subquery is.

So in other words, not just backing up databases analysing database growth patterns, but more a .NET developer that has added a good understanding of T-SQL and SQL server experience along the way, knows what an Index is and knows how to profile a query...anyone any thoughts on this? Are you a DBA Developer?

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